Everyone-Games: A Vision For Accessibility

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Accessibility in Gaming

Everyone-Games in some way, shape, or form; from betting inside your own head, to playing an app on your smart device, to grabbing a controller, or pulling up a chair around a table.

Games have been around since 6000 BCE, with the introduction of Mancala, to today’s high quality artificial intelligence programmed into a video game, and on to a Tabletop Role-Playing Game; where your imagination is the limit.

While everyone games, not everyone can game, due to the accessibility quality and adaptations of products available. In gaming, not every one games, because some groups are left out in the dark, those left to the side, those left to find a way on their own.

Communities of Gamers for Accessibility

Many people have done their share to make sure that everyone can game, but in November 2018 a man had a vision of sorts; to create a community of people, the same ones left in the dark, to gather together under an umbrella called the Knights of the Braille.

The Knights have evolved from a Dungeons & Dragons group to include any Tabletop Role-Playing Game. The group has grown from a handful to over 200 members on their Discord server, incorporating many different games, but all is not well, because all is not accessible. Since accessibility is such an issue, the Knights along with many others have created an event for all, an event for everyone.

The Everyone-Games Event

No longer must people with a disability suffer because of the lack of accessibility with a game, or must they continue being in the dark, left on the outside looking in, or even wondering how fun that certain game might be.

The advancements in technology have had a tremendous impact on gaming, for those with a disability, to game; but only when the developers will apply said technology.

The accessibility is there, the finances are available to implement such accessibility, yet this community is still left out.

The purpose of Everyone Games is to push developers, and to remind others that Every One Games.

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