Charity Profile: Everyone Can

The Everyone-Games team is incredibly excited to partner with Everyone Can, for 2022. Read on to learn about this amazing organization and their goals.

Everyone Can

Everyone Can is a charity based in Manchester who assist people with disabilities by harnessing the power of assistive technology! We provide free assessments to individuals with disabilities to match technology that is either designed or can be adapted to help them achieve everyday tasks. No referral is necessary and assessments can be completed either in your home or at our Centre.

We also hold free gaming sessions for both children and adults with disabilities at our Centre every week. Using the most up-to-date equipment and alternative control methods for anyone who needs them, we hope to get everyone gaming in our fun, safe and inclusive space!

We are raising money to ensure the continuation of our invaluable service to our community. Each gaming session that we host costs around £500 and we plan to use any funds raised to help us ensure we can keep on hosting these sessions. They have become staples in our gamers weekly routine, giving them a fun, safe space to interact with others. By providing a fun activity that is highly attractive to not only disabled people, but their friends, family and siblings, we are ensuring our gamers feel they are included in a group and can make more friends both within and outside of the disability community. Parents and carers also benefit from our gaming sessions as it gives them time to unwind whilst knowing their loved ones are making friends and participating in the community we have built.

We are also looking to fund mobile assistive gaming stations for our service users who use wheelchairs. At current for these gamers, we attach adaptive technology to their wheelchairs to allow them to play. This includes using an Xbox adaptive controller, switches, joysticks and sometimes pedals. The wires to each adaptation are then rested on a surface in front of them, usually a table, and connected up to a screen or monitor. This means this set up is not portable and restricts the gamer from moving around our Centre independently. We want to create an adaptable gaming station that would allow gamers who require such specialized adaptations to maintain their freedom to move around with the other gamers at our gaming sessions and not be confined to one area. We hope that the wheelchair users who come to our sessions will feel greater independence, but more importantly, feel more like part of the group who visit us regularly.

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