Accessibility in Gaming Panel

Saturday, October 1st 2022.

Fifteen percent of the worlds population is disabled and a lot of them are and want to be gamers. This panel went into the challenges in making, playing and assisting with video games, to get more people to play them, with a focus on multiplayer games. Video games have an incredible power to foster social connection, so how can disabled gamers get better access to perception, decision-making and action stages of a gameplay loop?

Moderator: MostlyBlindGamer – Software Developer – @BlindMostly


  • SightlessKombat – Gamer Without Sight; Accessible Gaming and Immersive Technologies Research Officer – RNIB – @sightlessKombat
  • Sam Proulx – Accessibility Evangelist – Fable – @makeitfable
  • Andrew Bromilow – Assistive Technology Specialist – Everyone Can – @EveryoneCanUK
  • Deb Mayers – AR/VR Software Engineer; Accessibility Expert – @debmayers24

From Everyone-Games 2021, last year’s edition:

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