Stardew Valley Community Game Night

Friday, September 30th 2022.

Welcome to Stardew Valley, on PC, relaxing farming town and darling indie game loved by thousands. One might think blind and low-vision gamers can’t play, but that would be wrong. With a few mods, blind players too can harvest parsnips, slash slimes, and fork over their hard-earned gold to Pierre’s shop… except on Tuesdays, only to watch him sell back their vegetables as his own and… Ah yes, the game. With a little legwork, we can farm, fish, mine, date your favorite pixel partner, and stick it to Joja… or Pierre.

Follow Pepper, as she runs a co-op game with her fellow players and shows off Stardew Access, Accessible Tiles, Wasteless Watering, Auto Fishing, and a bunch of other cool mods that let blind players join in on the fun. She discusses the workings of the mods, showing off the farm, and giving you a little sampler of what you can do, all with her usual floofy flair. So, install SMAPI, open up the Wiki, and get tilling. Find more info on the Stardew Access Wiki.


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