Survival of the Able Game

Friday, September 30th, 2022, 7:00PM – 10:00PM EDT on Twitch.

The Black Death has come to your village. Everywhere around you people have succumbed to the plague. Quarantines are doing little to stem the tide of decay that is coming your way. Worst of all, you and the others in your almshouse have been left to fend for yourselves.

Oh, and did we mention plague victims are rising as zombies?

In this new Fudge System™-compatible RPG, the characters are ordinary disabled people living in a Medieval European almshouse when the plague arrives on their doorstep. Join Jacob Wood as he tests their resourcefulness, teamwork, and willpower.

Will they fall victim to the disease that wiped out most of Europe, or will they find what it takes to survive?

Game Master: Jacob Wood – @AccessibleGames


  • Greg – How to Drink – @How2Drink
  • Robstafarian
  • Stephen
  • Shadow 37
  • Tiny Valkyrie

Join the fun, and watch us on Twitch here:

For a sneak peak, watch last year’s event on the Everyone-Games YouTube channel:

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