Blind Dungeon II: Extended Dungeoning Game

Saturday, October 1st, 3:00PM – 6:00PM EDT, on Twitch.

Join us for a second round of Blind Dungeon!

Last year’s crack adventuring crew will brave the 1976 Dungeons & Dragons tournament module crafted for Origins by Gary Gygax.

Now at level 2! Our band of reprobates and misfits find themselves wandering into the frontier where a plague of monsters has been destroying local cities and border forts. The clarion call of coin and coffee sends them to investigate.

This live streamed game features themed soundscapes, audio special effects, a halfling with moose antlers, heroes of dubious character, deep southern elven accents, a hard drinking dwarf, a hawk with a ranger companion, and a thief with a realistic sense of self-preservation.

Game Master: Blind fury (AKA Matt)

  • The halfling druid Rayner Littke (played by Jim.)
  • The dwarven fighter Strotmath (played by Liam.)
  • The human thief Dodge (played by Brad.)
  • The elven mage Daelwyn (played by Richard.)
  • The elven ranger Frank (played by Paul.)

Join the fun, and watch below:

Experience last year’s event for a taste of what awaits you:

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