Full Moon Honey Heist Recap

For Everyone-Games 2022, the Knights of the Braille Discord server is hosting a Play by Post game of Honey Heist. For more information, read the announcement blog post. The following is a recap of the game, by Pass-N-Grin, the Game Master, as of October 1st, 2022.

It was the day before a full moon, and the Full Moon Honey Convention in the town square of “Dust-bee”. Most of the supplies have been delivered by truck, so a bear named “Montgomery Edwards” went to a diner (played by MostlyBlindGamer) and found one of the truck drivers for the event. Montgomery offered to inspect the prize: a load of honey, including that which turns those that eat it into goths: Black Orchid Honey! The thing is, Montgomery isn’t really a honey inspector, he’s actually Mr. Beats Rocky, a thief planning on stealing the prize! His fellow thieving bears are “Alexander Bearstein”, who is actually Domino (played by safetysage); “John West”, who is actually Benton (played by Tarren); and “Flash and Gavin”, who are actually the were-bears Fisher and Great River. Their plan was to steal the truck and get away to Fisher’s hideout.

After the inspection meeting was set up, Mr. Rocky also had the plan to tamper with a utility pole to stop future pursuers. After honing his bear strength by eating waffles with honey, he climbed to the top of that pole, then he focused his criminal talents by remembering a con that got him a 1% discount. The setup was complete.

The inspection meeting was with the honey-obsessed HoneyCon organizer: Bibi “Dr. Nectar” Moon. Stealing the prize would not be easy, there were lots of guards. “Alexander”, with his detective’s brains and cowboy’s charm, started up a huge, distracting game of poker while Dr. Nectar enjoyed seeing “Montgomery” and “Mr. West” become goth. After all the bears’ efforts into distracting Dr. Nectar and the guards (and a little bit of luck), they stole the truck containing the prize. Thanks to the rigged utility pole, they got away scot-free to Fisher’s hideout.

Fisher said the heist wasn’t over yet, but after   a few hours where the thieves enjoyed their stolen honey, the thieves found out what Fisher really meant. Fisher had sold the others out to vampire bears!

Despite being slightly outnumbered by violence-loving vampires, the thieves weren’t deterred. After a tricky start, the thieves fought back, especially Benton. With the power of experience, honey, fury, claws, and muscles: Benton mauled one of these vampire bears beyond recognition. The thieves do well enough in this fight, but Fisher and the other vampires have only just gotten started.

(By the way, Benton once tried to look at Dr. Nectar’s notes and failed. I confess that it was just data from turning “Mr. West” and “Montgomery” to the goth side, as well as a note to concoct even stronger Black Orchid Honey)

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