Advocacy is Hard – This is Why I Do It

I’m MostlyBlindGamer. I tell computers to move things, play games, and complain about accessibility, on the internet. I don’t write in first person, for Everyone-Games, and am unlikely to do so, again, but this post needs to come from a human.

When you’re disabled, everything is harder – not just the obvious things, but incidental things that cascade into each other. Getting around is harder, so hobbies are harder, so socializing is harder, so… I believe that we all, as humans, have an innate right to happiness – wild, I know. Many others have written about that, better than I can, but it bears mentioning. It always bears mentioning.

Despite, and, often, because, of my disability, I’ve acquired a certain set of unusual skills. I rolled a 5 in Perception, but got pretty good numbers in other stats. I also lucked out on my background, to an extent.

Putting these things together, I’ve realized I have a moral obligation to do everything I can to make the world around me better. There are a lot of ways to do that, of course. One of them is supporting the communities that have supported me; another is chasing down companies that people rely on, to make their products more accessible; yet another one is fiercely, relentlessly educating, at home, at work, online.

I’m not alone and I’m not special. Others have and will continue to do more impactful things. Their hard work will continue to inspire me to get the wins I can. Every time somebody learns about an accessible video game or a TTRPG that is more suited to them, and every time somebody says “oh, I hadn’t noticed that” about their book or their app, and I have something to do with it, I’ve made the world a better place. Just a little bit.

This is where the call to action usually goes. Something like “join me for this and that to make the world a better place.” I don’t have one, right now. All I have is the knowledge that people can do incredible things, that every little bit counts, and that, as long as we care about each other, we can make the world better.

I’m MostlyBlindGamer. I tell computers to move things that are important for sustainability, I play games with people who get just as isolated as I do, and I complain about accessibility, on the internet, to make the world a little better.

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