Everyone-Games: A Vision For Accessibility

Accessibility in Gaming Everyone-Games in some way, shape, or form; from betting inside your own head, to playing an app on your smart device, to grabbing a controller, or pulling up a chair around a table. Games have been around since 6000 BCE, with the introduction of Mancala, to today’s high quality artificial intelligence programmed into a video game, and on toContinue reading “Everyone-Games: A Vision For Accessibility”

D&D Beyond is Now Dark and Brooding, and That’s Awesome

Why Light and Sleek Doesn’t Work For Me Lots of people like their web and general computer interfaces to look light (in both a literal and metaphorical sense). This is good User Interface design, for most users, but like with anything else in life, people are different and have different wants and needs. Personally, IContinue reading “D&D Beyond is Now Dark and Brooding, and That’s Awesome”

D&D Beyond Helped Me Set Myself on Fire and it was Great

Why I Need D&D Beyond I’m a relatively new Dungeons & Dragons player. I wanted to get into it for a long time, but with low vision and no friends running games, my remaining option was to show up at a comic book store and meet some strangers. Being the newbie at the table interruptingContinue reading “D&D Beyond Helped Me Set Myself on Fire and it was Great”