Gearing Up For 2022

After getting dozens of people involved, raising $5000 and awareness for accessibility in tabletop and video gaming in 2021, Everyone-Games is coming back on September 30th and October 1st 2022. The team is bringing back several big names, to be announced soon. The schedule is taking shape with exciting games and insightful panels. TTRPG andContinue reading “Gearing Up For 2022”

Everyone-Games: A Vision For Accessibility

Accessibility in Gaming Everyone-Games in some way, shape, or form; from betting inside your own head, to playing an app on your smart device, to grabbing a controller, or pulling up a chair around a table. Games have been around since 6000 BCE, with the introduction of Mancala, to today‚Äôs high quality artificial intelligence programmed into a video game, and on toContinue reading “Everyone-Games: A Vision For Accessibility”