Advocacy is Hard – This is Why I Do It

I’m MostlyBlindGamer. I tell computers to move things, play games, and complain about accessibility, on the internet. I don’t write in first person, for Everyone-Games, and am unlikely to do so, again, but this post needs to come from a human. When you’re disabled, everything is harder – not just the obvious things, but incidentalContinue reading “Advocacy is Hard – This is Why I Do It”

Representation in Gaming Panel

Friday, September 30th, 2022. People are different, gamers are different and so should characters be. This panel explored inclusion and representation, in TTRPGs and video games, of characters from across the spectra of gender, origin and disability.What does it mean to be inclusive in in RPGs? After all, aren’t all fantasy worlds inclusive by default?Continue reading “Representation in Gaming Panel”

Accessibility in Gaming Panel

Saturday, October 1st 2022. Fifteen percent of the worlds population is disabled and a lot of them are and want to be gamers. This panel went into the challenges in making, playing and assisting with video games, to get more people to play them, with a focus on multiplayer games. Video games have an incredibleContinue reading “Accessibility in Gaming Panel”

Gearing Up For 2022

After getting dozens of people involved, raising $5000 and awareness for accessibility in tabletop and video gaming in 2021, Everyone-Games is coming back on September 30th and October 1st 2022. The team is bringing back several big names, to be announced soon. The schedule is taking shape with exciting games and insightful panels. TTRPG andContinue reading “Gearing Up For 2022”

D&D Beyond is Now Dark and Brooding, and That’s Awesome

Why Light and Sleek Doesn’t Work For Me Lots of people like their web and general computer interfaces to look light (in both a literal and metaphorical sense). This is good User Interface design, for most users, but like with anything else in life, people are different and have different wants and needs. Personally, IContinue reading “D&D Beyond is Now Dark and Brooding, and That’s Awesome”

D&D Beyond Helped Me Set Myself on Fire and it was Great

Why I Need D&D Beyond I’m a relatively new Dungeons & Dragons player. I wanted to get into it for a long time, but with low vision and no friends running games, my remaining option was to show up at a comic book store and meet some strangers. Being the newbie at the table interruptingContinue reading “D&D Beyond Helped Me Set Myself on Fire and it was Great”