Poetry in Practice – Content Warning

Content Warning: Because this is a live TTRPG session and detailed lists of creature or plant related phobias and triggers would spoil the players, we understand if you decide not to watch or tune out when something disturbs you as a viewer. Detailed Content Warning about specific animals, insects, plants, and etc will be provided in the description POST stream on the VOD. This game will never however, involve heavy drug use, slavery, sexual assault, the glorification/glamourization of sexual and murderous predators/abusers, or delve into sacrificial rituals that involve the sacrifice and harm of children.

This is a campaign that deals with heavy themes related to various literary themes including Man against Man, Man against Nature, Man against Himself, and Man against gods. This is game that thrives on character development and roleplaying with combat and adventure as supporting cast members. All players have had and maintain communication about their own lines and veils, and safety tools are being used behind the scenes.