Stream for Everyone-Games 2023

Hey Game Streamers!

Are you interested in supporting Everyone-Games 2023? We’re so happy to have you!

The official event will run from Friday, September 29th to Saturday, September 30th. We would love for you to help us raise awareness for the event and for the wonderful charities we will be supporting this year!

What do you need to do?

You can host the content you care about at your normal stream times and join our team in spreading awareness about accessibility in both tabletop role-playing games and video games while supporting an excellent cause.

Join Us on Tiltify!

To support Everyone-Games, join us on Tiltify and create your own supporting campaigns and grab your own personalized links. Then, you can add those links with reminders and information to your stream via chat timers, commands, Twitch panels, on-stream reminders, and more. We’ll leave that part up to you, but you can find our suggestion below. Share this info during your streams in the month of September as part of the Everyone-Games 2023 team!

Quick guide for Tiltify

1. Create an account (you can easily log in with Twitch or Google depending on your streaming platform)

2. From dashboard create campaign

3. In “Find your cause or event” search for and pick Everyone Can or Stack Up

4. In “How would you like to fundraise?” pick “support an existing campaign” and then search for the Everyone-Games for Everyone Can or Everyone-Games for Stack Up

5. Add in your own details

6. From the campaign dashboard, find the “copy donate url” and “copy campaign url” buttons/links

7. Repeat for the second charity

Share on Social Media!

We encourage you to share on your social media accounts and use the #EveryoneGames hashtag, retweet, and like posts relating to the event. Every interaction helps! You can expect engagement from the everyonegames2 Twitter account!

Talk About Everyone-Games 2023 on Stream!

We value your voice and your platform! You can help us by talking about Everyone-Games 2023 on stream! Below, you’ll find a sample blurb, sample timers, and sample commands. Feel free to use ours or create your own that suits your stream personality!

Suggested blurb:

This live stream supports the Everyone-Games team, raising awareness for tabletop and video game accessibility.

We’re fundraising for two amazing charities:

Everyone Can, in the UK, who assist people with disabilities by harnessing the power of assistive technology and provide free assessments to individuals with disabilities to match technology that is either designed or can be adapted to help them achieve everyday tasks.

Stack Up, in the US, who support active and veteran service members from the US and allied nations by promoting positive mental health and suicide prevention through gaming and geek culture.

Follow my donation links for either charity to support them on my behalf and of the whole Everyone-Games team. Find me and other supporters on Twitter by searching for #EveryoneGames2023.

Tune in on September 30th and October 1st, on the everyonegames2 Twitch channel, for live streamed TTRPGs and discussion panels. Check out for the schedule and more info including profiles on the partner charities.

Chat Timer Text Suggestions

I’m supporting Everyone-Games 2023! The event is Sep 29-30th, and we’re raising awareness about accessibility in video games and tabletop role-playing games!

Everyone-Games 2023 is happening Sep 29-30th. This event is to raise awareness about accessibility in video games and tabletop role-playing games!

Command Text Suggestions

Trigger options

!charity, !donate, !eg, !support, !stackup, !everyonecan, etc.

Message options

Support Everyone Can/Stack Up here: (your tiltify link here)

We’re streaming to support Everyone Can/Stack Up! Join us here: (your tiltify link here)

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