Everyone-Games is looking for volunteers and contributors.


  • Game Masters;
  • Panel Moderators.


  • Accessibility Testers;
  • Interpreters;
  • Sighted guides.

Game Master

Game Masters will run tabletop roleplaying game sessions. Each GM will run game in a system they’re comfortable with and have access to technical support and advice form the team.

Panel Moderator

Panel Moderators will manage Q&A panels related on their area of expertise.

Accessibility Tester

As the Everyone-Games Event grows, we are presented with more and more content which we are required to check the Accessibility of websites, documents and other outlets. As Volunteers organizing the Event, we are limited on time and resources. If anyone is able to offer a small amount of time to assist in Accessibility Testing, we would be eternally grateful. The responsibilities of an Accessibility Tester have been broken into three Tiers to allow you to choose your level of engagement and commitment.

Tier 1 Accessibility Tester: Artificer

General surface level Accessibility Testing, giving us a general idea if the content is generally Accessible.

Tier 2 Accessibility Tester: Wizard

In-depth Accessibility Testing to make certain that every level and section of the content is fully Accesible.


In an effort to create a more Accessible and interactive environment, we would be extremely grateful to anyone who can offer their time and expertise as an American Sign Language Interpreter. While Captioning will be used for all Livestreams, we hope to be able to create more Accessibility through the use of Volunteer Interpreters at high profile panels.

Sighted Guide

The opportunities for Sighted Guides will come in 3 Tiers. The Volunteers can sign up for a single Tier or multiple depending on their availability and commitment.

Tier 1 Sighted Guide: Scout

A Tier 1 Sighted Guide is active in the Discord on the day of the Event, watching the #Help Channel and moving Users to the Channel they request. We will need the days and times of the Event that they will be available for scheduling.

Tier 2 Sighted Guide: Pathfinder

A Tier 2 Sighted Guide will have Attendees register with them before the Event. The Tier 2 Sighted Guide will have direct communication with the Attendees registered with them and will be able to offer assistance when required. We will need the days and times of the Event they are available for scheduling.

Tier 3 Sighted Guide: Ranger

A Tier 3 Sighted Guide will provide dates and times over availability between 13th of September 2021 and 26th of September 2021 to Screen Share with Blind Contributors and assist in setup with anything that is difficult or not fully Accessible to them.

Volunteer and Join our Community

If you can help run a game, develop an add-on to make games more accessible, reach out to a company and ask them to be more accessible, or speak at an event, to help make this event a success for everyone, please contact us on social media, at help@everyone-games.com or give us your email address below.

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